Outboard Engine Services

Outboard Engines

Cylinder reboring services for any make and model. Oversize pistons available if required.

Cylinder Resleeving

Resleeving cylinders if they are damaged and past reboring. We make all cylinder sleeves to suit all makes and models. Plated cylinders can be bored and fitted with a cast sleeve.


If damaged due to engine malfunction we are able to weld and remachine.

Cylinder Heads

If the chamber is damaged and needs welding and remachining, Boss Engineering can help. Performance heads can be machined and CC'd to performance specifications. Refacing as required.


Repairing or resleeving top bearing journal. Repair lower seal surface. New cranks available.

Press Crankshafts

All makes and models rebuilt. All parts supplied. For accurate pricing, it is often necessary to dismantle the crank.

Gear Dogs

Forward and reverse gear dogs built up and undercut.

Outboard Engine Power Head

A power head rebuild service is available. Send us your complete power head and Boss Engineering will dismantle, rebuild and reassemble with a guarantee.

Outboard Engine 4 Stroke

Cylinder reboring or resleeving is required. All head work carried out. Corrosion welding and remachining. Valve work done. All parts supplied.

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