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Motorcycle Services

Cylinder Boring

We can carry out all cylinder reboring.

Resleeving 2 & 4 Stroke

We manufacture all sleeves in-house so we have a good turnaround time.

Cam Bearing Rebuilds

Ran your engine low on oil? Camshaft & bearings seized? This can be repaired economically and generally the cams just need to be polished. If you need your shims reset, we can do that too. All engine parts supplied at a competitive price.

Cylinder Head Work

Refacing valves and recutting seats with a blast and clean service. Resurfacing of heads & cylinders to obtain good gasket sealing.

Crank Rebuilds

If you need a conrod fitted to your crank, we can help.

Alloy & Titanium Welding

All alloys, magnesium side covers & titanium exhaust welding.

Gearbox/Geardog Build Up & Undercutting

Geardog undercutting; all makes and models. If the dogs have become rounded we build the damaged areas up and regrind undercut to the same angle so all dog angles match.

Shock Rebuilds

Rear shocks leaking oil or have a damaged shaft? Boss Engineering provides complete shock rebuilds.


Has your engine dropped a valve and done serious damage? From replacing valve seats and welding damaged chambers, there isn't much Boss Engineering can't fix.

Crown Wheel & Axles

A resplining system has been developed to respline 4 wheeler crown wheels wehere required. Axle build up respline to suit the crown wheel. Seal surface repair for crown wheels also available.

Engine Rebuilds 2/4 Strokes

We can rebuild your complete engine if required. Deliver or send your engine to us and you will receive your rebuilt engine back with a guarantee.


We can supply all engine parts. Contact us for prices.