Jetski Services

2 Stroke Crankshafts

We can rebuild all or part of your 2 stroke crank as required.

4 Stroke Crankshafts

Has your engine damaged the crankshaft journals or maybe it has run low on oil, it's possible to rebuild the crank. If your alloy crankcases are damaged we'll be able to repair them. Some new crankshafts are available.

Crankcase Welding

If your cases have been damaged, we are able to reweld and remachine as required.

Cylinder Reboring

With oversize pistons available up to 1.5mm.

Cylinder Resleeving

Resleeving service available. We manufacture all sleeves inhouse so we can do any make or model. If you would prefer your cylinder replated with Nikasil, this service is also available, although this is more expensive than resleeving the cylinder.

Jetski Engines

Complete engine rebuilds. If you don't want the hassle of obtaining parts or getting all the parts repaired, send your complete engine to us. Boss Engineering can dismantle it, rebuild and get it back to you with a guarantee.

Jet Units

If performance is down, perhaps the unit is worn. The wearing may be worn or distorted and needs replacing. Send it to us for repair.


As the impellers wear and the clearance between the impeller and the wear ring gets too great, it makes the unit very inefficient and performance drops dramatically. It's possible to build up the impeller outside and leading edges and retrue it to optimum performance.


Boss Engineering can supply all rod kits, bearings and gasket kits for all makes and models. To accurately price a crank, it needs to be dismantled and inspected.

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